Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get my finished wedding video?

I cannot begin editing until I know what songs will provide the soundtrack to your video.Couples who have submitted song selections prior to their wedding will have their wedding film within 6 weeks of the wedding.

When is the final payment due for our wedding services?

€100 deposit will secure you date. Then half the balance is due on or before your wedding with the remainder to be paid when collecting you DVDs.

What forms of payments do you accept for Videography?

I am happy to accept cash, Visa, MasterCard. As a client, you can make payments by calling our office or through your secure online account at

How many copies of our completed film do we get from our wedding day?

Each of our videography packages includes a three copies of your final wedding DVD. You are free to make additional copies if you need at no extra charge.

Do you provide DVD or USB for our wedding video?

Each of our wedding videography packages includes a standard DVD of your wedding. If you would like to upgrade to USB, we also offer that option.

Are you going to blind me with bright lights on the video camera?

Of course not. I do not use lights at the church and only non-intrusive camera-mounted lights at the reception. Light is needed to produce beautiful images. Without it your video will lack depth and detail. I only use it when needed and will be sensitive to you and your guests.

What is your wedding videography style?

I call it “Stylized Photojournalism”. While I document the events of the day as they occur, I will provide minimal direction throughout the day to help you look natural and at your very best.

When should my videographer start?

It’s really up to the client, as to when we will begin shooting for the day. There are several important moments prior to the ceremony that most couples want included in their video. This includes prepping hair & makeup with the bridesmaids. Ideally, schedule about an hour to capture this footage. So I generally like to start two hours before the time of the ceremony.

How long is my final edited wedding video?

Each video has a unique running time, but in general your final video will be somewhere between 90 – 130 minutes. This can vary due to length of ceremonies and speeches.

Can I make changes to my edited wedding video?

Of course. When you receive the initial presentation of your completed wedding video, you will have one week to review it and let us know if any changes are required. Once you are satisfied, I will quickly prepare your final wedding video.

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